filmklubb i Horten - film society in Horten

About Horten film society

Horten film society screen films at Horten cinema on Tuesdays. We promote film as culture and an art form. The film society is open to membership for anyone 15 years or older. The price of membership is included in the ticket.

Horten film society was established 2002 and is registered as a Non Governmental Organization. We belong to the Norwegian film society: Norsk filmklubbforbund.

As a membership organization we depend on voluntary work. Members elect the board who run the organization over the year. We aim to be a transparent organization and publish our meeting protocols on the net. Our working language is Norwegian.

In order to promote our work we communicate through our email newsletter, a calender feed, advertisements, and our web pages. We use open source code as much as possible, on office applications and web.

Through the Norwegian film society, we cooperate with Goethe-Institut Norwegen, the French Cultural Center Norway, our national library, and various distributors in Norway.

We maintain a list over previous screenings here.

In our culture salon we have had visits from the Norwegian film director Thomas Robsahm, who talked about his work as a director and producer. We have also had Håkon Lorentzen here to talk about voluntary work, and Gunnar Iversen to lecture about Norwegian films. Iversen had then just published Den norske filmbølgen together with Ove Solum.

Traveling to our film society

Horten is a town located in the east south of Norway.

Three airports are nearby.

From Torp a bus is the easiest way of transport.
From Rygge, a ferry from Moss accross Oslofjorden to Horten must be taken
From Gardermoen, a train is the easiest way of transport, to either Holmestrand or Skoppum, and then a bus to Horten, or a train from Gardermoen to Moss, and then the ferry across Oslofjorden to Horten.

Our screenings are at Horten kino, Torggata 2, 3193 Horten.